Summer is full of opportunities, so it’s time to explore and get out of the house. The days are longer, the sun is brighter and most of us make room for more free time.

If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Jacksonville this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these top sites to see in Jacksonville this summer.

Splash Zone Water Park

If you have kids, our water park will be a huge hit. The park features two waterslides, three massive pools, a water tunnel, splash pads and plenty of places to let kids of all ages swim and play. For the parents, lounge chairs and Jacuzzi jets are perfect places to relax as your kids cool off in the water. Take a look at these additional features the Splash Zone has to offer.

Shooting Sports Complex

Jacksonville’s Shooting Sports Complex is one of the best places in Central Arkansas to spend the day. This state-of-the-art public shooting range facility is part of a partnership with the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation. The complex houses space for trap shooting, skeet shooting and archery, with certified coaches nearby to offer tips on each activity. Events are held regularly at the complex. Check out the upcoming event on July 4th.

Jacksonville Parks

Jacksonville is home to 12 scenic parks, each offering grounds for exercise, play and relaxation. The largest, Dupree Park, has more than 160 acres that include football and baseball fields. Fishing is the main activity at Paradise Park but visitors also can enjoy other wildlife in the area.

All of our parks have spaces for outdoor grilling and picnics. If you enjoy grilling, keep an eye out for “Grill in the Ville” coming September 29-30. This event takes place during the 5th Annual FestiVille hosted by the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation department along with other community organizations.

For more information on Jacksonville’s parks, check out our complete guide

Reed’s Bridge Battlefield

Jacksonville’s history is kept alive in many ways, one being Reed’s Bridge Battlefield which is a must-see. This landmark offers a glimpse at what life was like when a famous Civil War battle took place on Jacksonville’s soil. Visit the grounds to take a tour of the battlefield, enjoy a picnic or take pictures of the historic scenery.

Museum of Military History

This is the perfect place for any history buff, with exhibits highlighting U.S. military history, some of which took place right here in Jacksonville.

The museum covers all major wars and includes a theater area, interactive displays, memorabilia and a gift shop. Each display will help you better understand how the conflicts affected not only the world, but the local area as well.

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